VSLive – Eric Rudder's Keynote and Ari Bixhorn's Demo

Eric’s speaking on lots of overview stuff, with just enough technical info to keep it interesting and enough business information to get my juices flowing.

Indigo Day Theme – What should you do today, to prepare for Web Services in the future?


  • W3C recommendations are improving, including MTOM and WS-AtomicTransactions.
  • Indigo’s 3 areas: Productivity (attribute based, VS integration), Interoperability (WS-* specs), and Service-Oriented Development (loosely coupled, config based communication)
  • Lots of focus on the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) support in Indigo.
  • Indigo services will be built using VS 2005.  Indigo is an extension of the .NET Framework.

Ari Bixhorn’s up for a demo.  Got a big ol’ bandage on his head.  The demo’s focused on a hospital experience.  (Whoops, it’s not a bandage, it’2013-08-28 13:52:37’s the heart rate monitor.)

  • Lots of drag/drop, graphical functionality.
  • Pretty cool demo, with a heart rate and brain wave monitor.
  • Fun demo to watch.  He’s changing the Web Services to go over HTTP from TCP.
  • Now packets are being dropped, since it’s HTTP over several intermediaries.  So, we need reliability.
  • He simply adds the reliability attribute (and a security attribute) and bingo!  ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Also, changes the security model using a simple config file.  This follows the good SOA model of changing non-business logic stuff in the configuration, not the code.

Eric’s Back Up:

  • BizTalk isn’t going away
    • 2005 – WSE 1.0 Support
    • 2006 – Adapter for Indigo
    • Beyond – BizTalk will use Indigo as its foundation
  • SQL Server
    • Currently – some support
    • Later – Indigo programming model layered over Service Broker
    • SQL Server vNext – Service Broker uses Indogo transports for WS-* interop
  • Windows Sharepoint Services will have a consistent Web Services infrastructure in the future
  • VSIP program – 225 Premier and Alliance Partners, and 20,000 affiliates.  Yep, the extensibility ROCKS!
  • VS2005 Beta2 will be released in March (“maybe not until March 38th or March 45th…”)

Good presentation.  I wish I could spend more time in the Indigo sessions.  ๐Ÿ™  But I’ve got to bone up on the new SQL Server 2005 stuff for the ISV Community Days I’ll be doing (beginning this Friday).