VSLive2005 – Eric Lee – VSTS: Enterprise Development and Testing Tools

Eric Lee gives a presentation on Enterprise Dev and Testing Tools in VS2005 Team System.

A great talk about the WHY of team development.  Why is team development important?  How can Team System help?

Eric is a great presenter.  The audience is hooked, and he’s on a roll!  ๐Ÿ™‚

Cool points:

  • Everything in VS Team Foundation Server (TFS) is exposed as a web service, so you can develop any kind of client that you like.  Don’t like the built-in support for Excel and Project?  Build a new one!
  • You can plug into the event system!  You can create a Web Service, and then TFS will call YOU!  Almost a SOAP call-back!  You can already set up email notifications when it changes.
  • TFS can handle all of your administrative UI stuff. 
  • Team Build – coming soon – you’ll be able to do a scheduled build, run the unit tests, coverage tests, etc, and will generate a build report!  Oh, way cool!
  • Code Analyzer (was FxCop) – rules engine that is fully extensible and configurable.  You can catch the errors that are well known.  “This will allow you to focus on making new errors.” (got a good laugh)
  • Code Profiler – It’s been used for many years at Microsoft.  Makes testing your code for performance much easier!
  • Unit Tests – I’m very excited about this!  Programmers NEED to use Unit Tests, and they just don’t, since it’2013-08-28 13:52:38’s an initial hurdle.  But once you’ve done it, you’re sold! 
  • Unit Tests can use data binding to expand the unit testing to be very powerful!
  • Unit Tests can run against web applications.
  • Testing infrastructure is robust enough to handle MS internal tests, which can number in the 10s of thousands of tests.  Cool!
  • Team Testing is extensible – “More time spent being sure testing was extensible than in building tests.”
  • Reports include quality measurements at the development level and deployment level.

Time for a demo!  Cool stuff from the demo:

  • XSD Schemas are shipped for every notification, so you can actually generate your own classes to consume them!
  • Code coverage data is exportable to XML format!
  • Code coverage can merge the results of several different test runs!  So test runs can be aggregated.
  • Code coverage results can be aggregated before sending the report to TFS.  Reports can then be generated based on the reports.
  • Test Manager UI – a great UI for a tester who is responsible for hundreds or thousands of tests.
  • He’s demonstrating the code analysis tools specifically to find the SQL injection vulnerability, this is WAY, WAY cool!  And the door is WIDE open for 3rd parties.  This is INCREDIBLE!
  • Now he’s showing the tests for memory leaks, possible buffer overruns, and several other more advanced tests.  This is literally AMAZING, absolutely AMAZING!
  • Demonstration of a custom validation rule for a web test (and how the object model can be used in the web tests).  Another way, way cool feature.  And it worked like a champ!
  • There’s a wizard to help you configure the profiling of a web application.  This is a huge improvement over what I’ve seen before.


This is incredible!  Between Ajay and Eric, the audience has been exposed to so much cool stuff in Visual Studio Team System.  And they are enthralled!  This product is going to be BIG!  It’s already 6:30 in the evening and the keynote room is still filled with people, all literally sitting on the edge of their seats.

I can hardly stand it!  I’m so fidgety with excitement!  I’m writing a MOC course on this topic, so I’m familiar with so much of the presentation.  But to see the reactions of the people here, and to see the number of doors opened by this technology is so exciting!  The possibilities for 3rd party extensions here are just amazing!!!