VSTS Chat – 23 Dec 2004

Once again, Microsoft shows they “Get it” when it comes to developers!  About 30 developers and other interested participants were treated to specific answers to specific questions from the VSTS team at Micrsosoft. 

MSDN India hosted the chat on VSTS at the programmer-friendly 2:30 AM PST (my time here in Seattle, so it was easy to catch before heading off to bed).  I didn’t recognize all the names of the experts, but their screen names were Amit, Akash, Khushboo, Rob Caron, Keith_Rowe.  Every one of them had spot-on answers to the hard questions.  I have to admit to hogging question time, but the experts were all very gracious about it. 

I’ll post a link to the chat transcript soon!  OK, time for bed!