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Chat Topic: Visual Studio Team System
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abhay: any one knows advance configuration inIIS
Amit: Hi Gaurav…
Amit: Amit Bansal from Kolkata
Ashu: Hi, i am Ashutosh Developer in Smartqube Ltd. Bangalore
JitenCimcon: Hi, this is Jitendra from CIMCON Software Ahmedabad
Balaji: Hi i am Balaji from chennai can i post my questions
AniTLY: Hi I am Soorjith from Skelta Softwares, Bangalore
M_Rajesh: Hi I am Rajesh from ICICI Infotech and a MVP
SanjayVyas: Hi, I am Sanjay Vyas from Synergeics, Mumbai
Balaji asked the experts: we always felt that the multiple checkout of vss problem in our environment is there anything done for inproving that
Emptyness: Please gives us an overview
Steven Borg asked the experts: Where can I find a list of changes from the previous CTP to the Dec CTP? (i.e. implemented feature changes, reports, etc)
Emptyness: is this teamsystem a fullcycle tool? for instance like Rational suite?
Steven Borg: Is reporting working in the Dec CTP?
Balaji: vss even allowes that is there any improvements to that
M_Rajesh asked the experts: Is there any guidelines to start working with Team System on an experimental basis so that non developers like Project Managers, Analysts and Testers get to have a feel of working of Team System.
Keith_Rowe_MS: Steven, reporting did not make it into the December CTP
Keith_Rowe_MS: Hello everyone!
M_Rajesh: Hi Keith, I remember seeing you at Tech Ed in Chennai and seeing your presentation on Team System.
Steven Borg asked the experts: Will PMs be able to create a new VSTS project, add team members and basically control the dev cycles solely from within MS Project? Or will they need to install / use Visual Studio? (in both the Dec CTP and Beta 2 releases)
Steven Borg asked the experts: Is reporting slated to make it in the Beta 2 release? Is the Beta 2 release in the February / March time frame?
Balaji: what are the project management tools available in the team system. can this be help full in increasing the production speed.
Rajesh asked the experts: Does the scope include integration with Project Server for component development as tasks
Keith_Rowe_MS: M_Rajesh, thanks. I really enjoyed Chennai. As for your question, I’d suggest setting up some sample projects to play with. Roundtrip navigation from Team System to Excel and Project both work in the CTP and will give the project managers lots to do.
Steven Borg asked the experts: Will we be able to use either the sampling or instrumentation profile methods from within a VPC in Dec CTP? Beta 2? Gold Bits?
Keith_Rowe_MS: We’re using those features internally as we “eat our own dogfood” – using the release to build the tools.
Keith_Rowe_MS: Steven, yes reporting will make the Beta 2 release. It was very close to making the CTP and we have it working internally now.
Steven Borg: Sad to hear about reporting this round, but looking forward to seeing it in Beta 2! Thanks for the answer!
Emptyness: Does it have like a RUP process behind or a configured one done by Microsoft?
Keith_Rowe_MS: Steven, Sampling within a VPC doesn’t work in the Dec CTP. We are considering a Design Change Request (DCR) to get that to work after Beta 2. Is it important to you?
Emptyness asked the experts: does it support Analysis and Design? any discipline not suportted?
Steven Borg asked the experts: Sorry to harp on the same question… Is there a list of capabilities / features in the MS Project integration with Team System? I’m concerned that a PM won’t be able to do much except create work items for an existing project, and maybe attach documents
Rajesh asked the experts: Per Khusboo – Team system is a full cycle tool and integrates with various tools – so will that mean a single point of entry for a particular data like efforts, defects etc.
Steven Borg: On profiling… It is from an educational standpooint… ๐Ÿ™ I’m designing courseware to be used to teach VSTS, and VPCs are the preferred choice for delivery!! Especially for a setup as complicated as Team System can be.
Keith_Rowe_MS: Emptyness, VSTS allows users to define a process they want to follow. A process template configures the way all the other tools behave so the whole team can follow the process. We have our own methodology – the Microsoft Solution Framework.
Mohangandhi: I’m having .Net Framework 1.1. Is it possible to install and work on Framework 2.0 without affecting the existing projects?
Keith_Rowe_MS: Emptyness, we include two flavors in the VSTS box – MSF Agile for small teams and MSF Formal that will support teams using a more rigorous methodology
Keith_Rowe_MS: Steven, the best list of all the features is on the website at http://www.msdn.com/vstudio/teamsystem.
M_Rajesh asked the experts: Hi, Can you explain some of the core automated testing features that will help to test the application rigourously.
Keith_Rowe_MS: Steven, there will be also be a version of the VSTS IDE for project managers and other non-coders. This will let them manage the team features of VSTS; create and run reports; examine the source code and other checked in artifacts; etc.
Keith_Rowe_MS: Steven, on VPCs. That’s an interesting scenario. The team is eager to support VPCs, but it is tricky.
Steven Borg: Thanks, Keith! I love that site! Lots of great information. My question was a bit vague. I really meant specific lists of implemented features for the new CTP vs the planned features in the gold bits. ๐Ÿ™‚
Keith_Rowe_MS: Steven, the new CTP is almost feature complete. The two areas that will be missing are reporting and automated build. Everything else is there, but it may not all be quite working ๐Ÿ™‚
Steven Borg: Keith: Yeah, I can understand the VPC issues. I’ve been watching Angry Richard’s blog and keeping up with his VPC posts.
Steven Borg: Keith: Great news about being nearly feature complete! I’m looking forward to installing it (but likely AFTER Christmas)
Steven Borg asked the experts: What is the difference between BigBuild and MSBuild? (Sorry for the newbie question, but I haven’t used any of the integrated build functionality yet.)
Keith_Rowe_MS: Gkhanna, sure – the best one stop source is http://www.msdn.com/vstudio/teamsystem. That site includes pointers to newsgroups and blogs. Rob Caron’s blog is one of the most active and a good one to follow.
Steven Borg: Keith: great newsgroups can be found at http://communities.microsoft.com/newsgroups/default.asp?icp=whidbey&slcid=us (thats the MS newsgroups via HTML viewer)
Steven Borg: Keith: I track around 40 blogs dedicated (more or less) to VSTS. I can upload the .opml file (list of blogs that most RSS readers can understand) or email to anyone who asks.
Keith_Rowe_MS: Steven, that would be great. Rob Caron manages our team blogs and would love to see the list. You can send it to me at keithro@microsoft.com.
Steven Borg asked the experts: Khushboo: Thanks for the GREAT answer! Now that is functionality I just cannot wait to see! ๐Ÿ™‚ Will BigBuild be the way that check-in policies are implemented?
Steven Borg: Keith: Will do! And Rob Caron will certainly see his blog on the list! ๐Ÿ™‚
Keith_Rowe_MS: Steven, check-in policy is managed directly by the source control tools.
Amit_MS (Expert): Let me give some general background on VSTS. Visual Studio Team systems is a complete integrated suite of software development life cycle tools. We hope that VSTS will be useful to every team member like developers, managers and testers. VSTS will have a product targeted towards architects which will have features of interest to architects such as application design, visual modeling of connected web services, designing the logical view of the data center, mapping those services to physical data center, validating the service requirements with the constraints of the actaul data center. So for example an architect can design something and then validate it early in the design cycle so that the finished product can be actually deployed in the data center.
Steven Borg asked the experts: Policies: I was wondering about Big Build, since I’d like to be able to create a check-in policy that forces code to pass static analysis before being checked in. Plus all check-in code will need (in my world) to pass the entire unit test harness.
Mrinal: Can you please throw some light on how does SOA fits in the whole picture of VSTS ?
abhiK asked the experts: What is the recommended resource requirements for TFS?
M_Rajesh asked the experts: What will be the requirements for Team Foundation Server in terms of hardware and can it be used along with any existing server that runs for eg SQL Server or webserver.
Keith_Rowe_MS: Steven, you can set check-in policies like that. The source control policy enforcer can require that you’ve done static analysis or run the unit-test suite successfully before a check-in is allowed.
Keith_Rowe_MS: abhiK, we haven’t got a final minimal and recommended resource requirement for Team Foundation Server yet. We are installing it today on server class machines with 1-2 Gig of RAM. I don’t know what the final numbers will be.
Steven Borg asked the experts: Keith: Thanks! So the dev will run the test locally, and that will be noted at check-in. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great news! Then I can use BigBuild for my nightlies!
abhiK: thanks
Mrinal asked the experts: Can you please throw some light on SOA integration with VSTS ?
Keith_Rowe_MS: M_Rajesh, we require that you be running Windows Server 2003. We will support Sharepoint on that server for team sites. We don’t recommend using the same server for separate instances of SQL Server.
Keith_Rowe_MS: Mrinal, we support Service Oriented Architectures with our new line of architect designer tools. Tools like the System Designer, Deployment Designer and Logical Infrastructure designer all let you model SOA designs.
Keith_Rowe_MS: Mrinal, we also support profiling and load testing for SOAs.
Steven Borg: Keith: OPML blogroll should be in your inbox now. (Yep, your blog is there, too!)
Keith_Rowe_MS: Steven, thanks. Mine is a little dusty, but we’ll be doing some new work on MSF in January that will make it more interesting
Steven Borg: Shelving is a great idea! Thanks for including it in VSTS and making my life as a developer better!
Steven Borg: Slightly off topic question: Does Randy Miller (one of the key folks on the MSF Agile team) have a blog?
Keith_Rowe_MS: Steven, Randy works for me. I’ll be encouraging him to start a blog once he gets the next version of MSF Agile finished (real soon now).
Mrinal: thanks for the reply
Steven Borg asked the experts: How tightly has the MSF 4.0 Agile methodology been implemented in this CTP? If I select MSF Agile as my methodology, will the templates and documents closely approximate the ‘final’ MSF Agile, or is that still a work in progress?
gavi asked the experts: Thank to the VSTS Product Team
Keith_Rowe_MS: Steven, the December CTP will have minimal support for MSF Agile. We plan tol post a separate copy of the MSF Agile process template in late January that will install into the Dec CTP.
M_Rajesh: Thanks to you Mr. Keith Rowe for taking your time early in the morning to discuss with us and answer the questions.
Steven Borg: Keith: I contacted Randy via email a while back, and chatted a bit on the phone He was VERY helpful and extremely knowledgeable! A great guy! I still haven’t met him face to face, but that’s been through my schedule. He’s quite an asset to your team!
Keith_Rowe_MS: It will be close to final…
Keith_Rowe_MS: My pleasure all.
Steven Borg: Thanks everyone for the wonderful answers!!!
M_Rajesh: And thanks to all of you to answer the questions about Team System, We will be awaiting the December CTP.
Steven Borg: Khushboo, I’d love to provide feedback! ๐Ÿ™‚ Should I post it to the newsgroups?
Steven Borg: Or email directly.
Steven Borg: RobCaron: Thanks for the great posts on installing Team System! Without your guidance, I would have had MUCH more pain!!!!
Steven Borg: Once again, these chats are great! Thanks for all your answers! And thanks to the Redmond folks for being up so late, too!
Steven Borg: Good night!
RobCaron_MS (Expert): Thanks, Steven. Fortunately, I have a great team with an interesting product to talk about. SMILEY :)
Keith_Rowe_MS: Good night all.
RobCaron_MS (Expert): Good night/day!